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Syndication is a business model that seemed to be used for decades for the film & entertainment industry. There syndication model changed over time and the broadcast / TV industry needs to get revenues of the TV stations to keep making good movies & series. Many publishers made their money with the media carrier and mixed the USP of content with the money maker media. The music industry is facing this challenge for more then a decade and Spotify, Soundcloud gives answers to changed customer behaviour. Film / Entertainment companies embraced slowly Settop boxes (like Tivo, Apple TV). But a slow transition of a high price on pay per view (film on demand) will give vibes in the value chain. Many (Internet) users are discovering streaming TV series on the Internet and cutting out the “official” aggregators. So action is required to go with the changed customer demand. This, is my guess, will be addressed by the industry within an 18 – 24 months. A revalue in the chain of the cable companies, telco,s, content providers and 1:1 Marketing will happen.

Syndication will also be in the spotlights for every publisher. What can I earn, what does a end user wants to pay for, for qualified content. A discussion that will be interesting for the next year.




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